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This integrity checker is designed to work data transport and storage systems, such as network connections and disk storage (particularly removable media). This is done by writing sequences of numbers repeatedly and then reading them back again. There should never be any difference, but sometimes a bad device driver or media causes corruption – this application will help you check if this is happening. It doesn’t provide any cures, but it can help prove that you have a problem, and where it is.

For really thorough testing, use both of the checkers included in the app over the same transport simultaneously – the application is truly multi-threaded so they will each go full speed and work the transport hard.

There is no cost for this application – it is provided as-is for free. But if you are looking for some custom development work done, you might like to consider me as a candidate – see my contracting page.

Note: This file is a pre-release version, but based on stable code used in a DOS based version. If you see any issues, please let me know.

Download IntegrityChecker.zip now – updated 02 Apr 2002