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With the security updates for the OpenSSL project that come out, I started to face an issue as a developer who uses them in projects that I develop. I get an update, and I need to make sure that the new DLLs are put into the “distribution” directories for the projects, so that next time they are built the new DLL will be included “automatically”. But my projects are all over the place, and manually finding and remembering which ones to update is time consuming. Sure, I can use a search tool, but that leave the “go to the location and paste the files”.

So I wrote a tool to scan my disks and tell me which version is in situ. And then, if I want, to update them. The optional part is important because not all applications should be updated – there may be incompatibilities. An update is now much easier. You can put the new files, “ssleay32.dll” and “libeay32.dll” in the same directory as the updater if you want. It will create a “fileoptions.xml” file in the same directory too (so don’t put the updater in Program Files or other similar reduced access rights directory). The folders to scan can be separated with a semi-colon, so “C:\;D:\” will scan the C and D drives. Note that there must be a trailing ‘\’. Then scan (it is a background thread for speed). Click to select any you wish to update, and it will do so.

Supplied as-is.

Screen shot of Open SSL updater

Download the OpenSSL updater here