Ramblings from a software developer

This is almost embarrassingly old, but until I update it, here is some information on me from the past.

Do you need an experienced Delphi & C++ contractor who can easily fit into your requirements? I can take your draft spec and turn it into a finished product.

In my years developing, I’ve implemented over 10 applications which have been sold commercially. I’ve also just done simple maintenance projects, and things like installers. You can try some of my work at http://www.banxia.com.

Delphi is my tool of choice. Based in Kendal, but able to travel as required.

This page is so way out of date – contact me if you want more up-to-date information.

Primary projects

  • Epoch Rapidocs – full word-processor with special facilities to allow the development and use of template documents.
  • Akai EtherView – professional music equipment management, implemented using ethernet protocols and a state-machine. Written using C++ Builder.
  • Banxia Frontier Analyst – efficiency analysis software, implemented using Delphi 3.
  • Benefits Analyser – a tool for evaluating defence purchases.
  • VRML parser – a parser to read virtual reality modelling language files and build objects for easy display using OpenGL.
  • GCDS – a multi-threaded data server on NT for co-ordinating multiple clients sharing a single data set.
  • Banxia Decision Explorer – cognitive mapping software, implemented using Microsoft Visual C++ and C++ Builder.
  • Group Explorer – a networked add-on for Decision Explorer.
  • Earlier projects: Print Manager to handle print and fax queues; ISDN Manager – multi-channel transfer; various language compilers and interpreters; FaSTcom terminal software; Fax software;

Key C.V. highlights:

Over 10 years of C programming, plus 5 years C++, plus 7 years Delphi. Also developed using Visual BASIC, FORTRAN, and assembler (6502, 80×86, 68000).

Many full applications completed & sold, many other applications developed

Applications developed under Microsoft Windows 3.x, 95, NT, MS-DOS & GEM, and system level Apple Macintosh.

Thorough knowledge of Windows (since v2.0) and Windows 95 and NT, 2000.

Experience of Windows NT multi-threading, TCP/IP and named pipes, COM.

Microsoft Foundation Classes, Borland VCL, and other frameworks experience.

Web technologies used include HTML, PHP, XML, sockets.

Experience porting software from one operating system to another.

PC & Mac communications experience.

Some UNIX & Linux experience.

Worked both in teams and alone, under supervision and in charge (Project manager and Application Designer/Architect).

Hard working and enthusiastic. Professional attitude to development.

Studied many areas of Computer Science, including languages and operating systems, also Human Computer Interfaces and computer usage.

Experience of many sectors of the industry including retail, customer support, development, and in-depth use of many classes of software.

Good understanding of computer hardware based on a foundation in electronics.

Active experience in small software businesses, making key decisions.

Many years in software a variety of software development enterprises, both permanent and contracting.